Gimme more!! Twisted Krissmuss Requests!

Woot!  Another Twisted event.  Love these.

The Twisted Krissmuss event is a shopping spree.  Vendors make up transferable items of store level quality priced at only 100L so folks can afford to give some really awesome gifts this holiday season or get some great deals.

It starts this coming week or so, and I decided why not…. let’s see what ya’ll want eh?

If you were giving gifts or are….. what kind of thing would you be hoping to see from me to the sweet tune of 100L?

I’m taking requests…. since it runs through the month I can add things as we go.  So what will it be hmm?

(( for clarity, I’m making up NEW items for the event generally speaking so your requests really are you being able to work on your wish list here ))

I’ll of course have to caution you…. I won’t entertain certain things… yanno, like a 150 animation bed transfer for 100L.  Nu uh, sorry BUT you can try to influence, cajole, and flatter me to see what you might get out of it.  *winks*

Fill in the lil form and you’re all set!


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