Promises of warm fires

One of my fondest memories from when I was growing up was the smell of the wood stoves at my grandparents homes.  Both of them had them, different sorts but the smells and the memories from them are some of my most vivid.  From cooking (yes omg, we cooked on a wood stove! lol), from sitting around it during the winter, the scents, the warmth…. and the wood.

I had to help split the wood and stack it… then bring it to the house from across the way where it was stored in a big wheeled cart, my brother the bum was younger  so he only had to take it from the cart on the patio and stack it inside on the rack.  Which of course was right inside the door.  pft

Anyhow… so what is the point of all of this?  hahaha well… the latest release of course.  A completely refurbished splitting/chopping wood work set.

This set has a ton of stuff in it.  Not only does it have three different variations of the splitting wood chore but a lot of other little tidbits.  Stacked wood piles, mushroom cluster, axes, wood, a sitting stump with some spots to relax.  It has new sculpts… new textures, and new stuff all put together for a very complete set that has you working right along.  The animation is pretty cool.  It goes through the steps from picking up a piece from the pile… placing it on the stump, and then lifting the axe up to bring it down splitting it so that two pieces fall on either side.  Then repeat.  Not bad really.

There’s also a CoLab release for this week.  A rockin Christmas.  I whipped up a fireplace set along with a rocking chair to go with it, and a music box for the mantle.  I decent set.  The music box and the fireplace are discounted for the round… the rocking chair is not.  That’s a bit separate but goes with it nice.

Head on down to take a peek at the set and get a real nice discount!

Till next time!!



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