Fancifully frolick within the Fall Foliage!

Fall Fete has wrapped up and all that entailed.  I caused a little mischief which I have said on more than one occasion this week that it will probably come back to bite me in the backside someday but it’s all good.  If I don’t laugh once in awhile then I’m become really cranky, and you wouldn’t like to see me cranky.  Though….. sometimes I come up with some pretty twisted stuff when I do so you never know, maybe you would.


Some of the Fall Fete things will be added to store stock, some was just for fun and pretty seasonal so they haven’t had their fate decided yet.

In the meantime I’ve put out a couple new things at the main store.

Firstly an autumn decorating scene with chores and playful aspects all rolled into one!  I should have done similar for my snow shoveling and maybe I’ll update it because sometimes things are far too serious around here BUT for the NEW and IMPROVED raking leaves sets I’ve added a few cute fun type things for role-players and the like.

This is a really great set.  Not only does it include a ton of copiable pieces to decorate as far and wide as you want it has fun spots to play in or work!  2 different chore type leaf piles have been created.  One larger with room for 2 avatars to horse around and one for a single av.  The animated piles all are adjustable with embedded animations so there’s no poseballs… each contain variations of 5 different animations – playing, jumping, laying, falling in, or raking up the leaves!

The included Oak Tree has a leaf emitter with sound.  The sound of rustling leaves in the wind and the falling leaves can all be controlled by menu with a click to be on or off.  If you don’t want to use the tree then a single prim emitter has also been included for other areas.  So you can really decorate there are also 2 different filled leaf sacks, 2 styles of rake, 1 prim wheelbarrow, 1 viney/grassy ground cover, 2 types of leafy ground cover, and 3 different leaf pile shapes.  These are all copy/modify helping to spread the autumn feel wherever you want it.

Like I said a very flexible set that has a lot included.  It is this week only as an introductory offer marked down 50%, and rezzed (for now) at the landing of the main store on the Five Blades sim so you can check it out.

Also the CoLab kit – Native Blessings is out at the landing.  The kit is a nice little piece.

Available for 60L till the next round of CoLab.

That’s it for now… I’m going to duck out of here and get moving on with the day.  Much to do, much to do.  I have a hunt starting tonight, the Winter is Coming hunt I believe it is called so I’m going to get that hidden before midnight.

Talk soon and hope you’re all doing well… specially thinking of those hit by the storm this week.


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