Black Friday!!!

It’s that one day a year that retailers dread, people plan for and shoppers go a little bit nuts.  Black Friday!!

This year I’ve tossed around a few things.  Got involved in a couple extra sales, and there’s tons.  Honestly.  It seems like EVERYONE wants to have an event for this weekend.

SO!  Where does that leave Roawenwood?


At the Cookie Jar Location EVERYTHING that is out, all that lil seasonal stuff is 50% off.  ALL of it.

At my MAIN location on the Five Blades Sim?

Now that’s really not all that is going on.  I have other things too.  It’s a bit crazy really but I figure it is one of those things where it only comes around once a year and it is just for the next few days.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words so I’m going to let some pictures do the talking.

The Vintage Holiday Set is discounted from 1100L to 395L just for the day.  One day only!  Great Set.  Pic details it some, and it is rezzed in world in the furniture/food area.

We also have the 60L Weekend stuff that I am doing… I decided rather than my normal Saturday and Sunday, I am going to have these up Friday – Sunday.

I also have a special in world group member special as well.  I’ve knocked two items normally set at 995L down to 350L for the next day or so.  At the landing in special vendors.  This doesn’t even account for the new releases for Simply the Best that are knocked off at 50% for the week.  Which I’ll write about or show them off later.

Have a great Friday!


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