With the new store build I switched vendor systems.  The last one, while it worked fine was a bit laggier than I liked, a hassle in some respects, and the support seemed to be becoming less and less not giving me a whole lot of confidence in using it.  One of the perks with the previous system was a credits thing.  You bought stuff, it kept track and then earned back credits to spend.

Ok, so that isn’t implemented quite the same way with the new system.  The NEW system has something that might even be a bit better.  Instead of earning credits back you earn a PERMANENT discount.  Each of your purchases are recorded and kept in a database, upon reaching the right level tier you will receive back on EVERY purchase you make a percentage discount, right now the highest is a 10% discount on everything you buy.  Those whom were customers before have had their purchase history migrated over for the most part (there’s some loss probably but I believe most got transferred) so it will add up from those past purchases as well.  You don’t have to start over from scratch.


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