Simply enchanting

Today’s daily discount for the week is the newly released Enchanted Pumpkin Hideaway.  Technically the shell for this piece was released as a CoLab kit but it didn’t have anything in it, like animations… just the decorated shell.  I’ve since gone ahead and added a full menu of couples cuddles, kisses and relaxing animations sets along with a singles menu with sleeps, drawing, reading… that sort of thing.

It really is a nicely done piece.  The texturing is rich and robust each color accenting the other creating a very nice atmosphere within and without.  Pumpkins strewn around outside of it just highlight it nicely.

Today ONLY it is discounted at half off as an introductory offer.  Nice huh?

The hideaway is offered in different sizes…. one for full sized avatars, one for petites… and then the shell which can be resized to whatever you like – bigger, smaller.  I wouldn’t recommend resizing the scripted ones only because it will throw off the poses but you can and adjust them if you like.

See the pic for details!  But…. I will say… the picture does not really do it justice, you should come down to the landing and see it rezzed.



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