It’s been an interesting journey so far

Six years.

In October it will be 6 years since the Roawenwood opened its doors and I started up a small store with a few gazebos, torch type lights, a blood fountain, and some very bad Christmas decorations.  There was club décor that I worked on that was very cheesy along with some other things.  I didn’t know what direction I was going in but yanno… it was fun.  A set of deck or beach furniture was also a beginner’s favorite.  Recently I was cleaning up my inventory and I actually found some of my very very first pieces of furniture.  Can I just say…. Wow. For the time it was great, honestly.  But just wow.  I was wincing looking at it, you know like when you go back and look at year book photos from years past and you wonder what the hell people were thinking?  Scary… it was scary.  The other scary part is… it was still all in my inventory.  Hahahaha  But now it is safely packed away in boxes because I just couldn’t part with it.

I had almost thought about making up a mini lil museum as a smart ass thing.  Kind of like a blast from the past, wow can you believe we actually thought that was awesome, and look at those poseballs with static poses in them… so stiff!


Things certainly have changed though a bit remains the same.  I’ve been around too long and have seen the changes to the grid.  Every time someone thought the sky was falling and life as we knew it was coming to an end.  When gambling was banned from the grid, the daily griefer attacks that sometimes took the entire grid down for hours at a time.  The shut down weekly when LL updated with the gorillas on the website till it came back up, the mad rush when everyone logged back in afterwards and the inevitable crash or screw ups because of the mad rush back.

When sculpts were introduced, when age verification was, the advent of adult regions…. Windlight… flexi’s, curly hair, the overuse of bling!  When last names were taken though this one reminded me of when credit cards were no longer required as verification and free accounts were opened up way back when.  People resented anyone without payment info and didn’t trust them just like people at first especially didn’t quite trust someone without a last name.  (As an aside, I do think taking last names was dumb.  Even with display names)  You start to get a little immune to it, when a new something was introduced the initial agitation over it lessens and you take things as they come more often knowing that there will be foul ups, that’s just the way it is but it smoothes out usually.

I suppose this is me waxing nostalgic after all this time.

Keep your eyes peeled.  I have some things I want to do this October, as well as opening back up to the public.  Take care and thanks.  For the past 6 years of interesting times, I am quite grateful.


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