Can you believe it?

It’s been almost a month now.  I’ve had people IM or send messages claiming that I am putting them through terrible torment, making them wait for the reopening of the store.  I’ve been accused of being a sadist!  Me?  I….. I…… I’m not…. well… you know, ok, maybe.

In general, there is a redesign of the store.  It will feel very familiar because I have not tossed the build out the window but I did tighten it up, revamp it… redecorate and do things a little bit differently hopefully with the goal in mind that it will be a bit easier to navigate or find what you are looking for.  I know that I tend to have a lot of product.  I also know that I don’t just build a giant box in the sky with little partitioned rooms so you can walk down a hallway to see what is laid out before you.

It’s just really not my style.  I’ve tried, believe me.  I’ve put together store builds playing around with things like that so I can add new things really easily.  Yanno, plop down a new box or display without having to redo or move everything.

I wish I could.  It would make life so much easier but whenever I try to come up with something it feels boxy, cramped, and I can’t get my head around it so we go back to the drawing board.  Create something and I swear every single damned time that I am going to make it LESS rp feeling, more store feeling… give myself a lil pep talk here and dive in.

Guess what.

Umm…. it never works.

Sometimes it feels like I'm walking in a dream.



So!  While the store isn’t as bad or spread out… it’s still more park like in some places than business establishment.  I mean, I like it.  I integrated some pieces from the RFL track build, things I made for Home Expo and the Fantasy Faire too.  Don’t get me wrong but then I always wonder or worry about what I’m going to have to do to ADD things or make it decent to shop in or not totally infuriate my visitors.

ANY feedback when it is opened up will be muchly appreciated.  Some of the new areas or way it is put together is a direct reflection of some comments, problems, or things people have talked to me about.  Yanno one thing I struggle with?  Finding the right build for the main furniture section.  *nods lots to this*  I can’t seem to get it right or comfortable.  THAT one I struggle with.

It needs to be big enough for various sections such as bed & bath, kitchen/bakery, living, entertainment, role play.  It needs to weave from one room to the next easily, it needs to be open feeling so you can use your camera or see things easily.  It needs to not be cluttered, and it needs to be easy to modify or expand to handle my rather terrible habit of making A LOT of stuff cuz I just get in these creative kicks… can’t help myself.  I also would love to be able to differentiate between displays better, I really like how some places do little rooms to highlight a build so you can kind of ‘feel’ what it might be like but I can’t ever figure something that doesn’t end up being a big box to do it in.  *makes a face crossing her eyes*  ya so… ideas?  *snickers*

I’m doing soooooo much stuff getting the last lil bits together, you know you are dying to come see.  There is LOTS of new product being rolled out.  TWO new outfits for normal avs, one for petites… Petites are also getting four new furniture type items sets.

Splinter’d is getting AT LEAST two new items.  And in this vein Splinter’d is beginning to also cater to the Domme type with some items!  This is something I have been working on getting integrated into my adult lines… I’m pretty excited.

(( I have a very awesome bed in the works that is all done up except for the scripting, which had to be held up a bit to get the store around with all the new displays and vendors…. HOPEFULLY I can have it for the reopening but if not then it will be one of the very first new releases later ))

The main store area has new chore/work type items, two new beds, miscellaneous decor items, a table set, new role play sets, new landscaping, outdoor, and an entire  entertainment/tavern set that borrows from some old, with a bunch of new that has something like 20+ pieces that all integrate together to create a matching set.

Seriously….. there’s music, dancing, at least 3 or 4 types of seating, decor….

The only thing I didn’t get done for it was the food stuffs, which technically I MAY be able to get around before or slightly after the opening since it is already half finished and it also isn’t as difficult as some other product to create.

I’m sure I haven’t said everything…. I probably missed some stuff but you get the idea.  Just new releases alone or fun things for you to drool over should keep ya’ll occupied BUT I do have some other nifty little things I would like to do, we’ll see yes?

So it’s coming…………….. very soon………..

Are you excited yet?



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