A little too quiet…

You know it’s been a little too quiet around here.  I haven’t updated the blog even though you probably have no idea how many times I’ve opened it up to do so.  It’s kind of funny really.  Leave the admin area open then walk off doing something in real life, or working in photoshop or something.  Come back to shut down and wince…. oops.  Mhmmm, I’ll do it….. Later.

Yea we’ve seen how well that’s been working out for me huh.  *coughs*

Sooooo much has been going on.  I did participate in the most recent round for CoLab.  This one was a little bit on the cute side.  Well a lot on the cute side.  Completely outside of what I generally work on.  The theme was Monsters in my Bedroom.

Now to get this adorable set of furniture for a very low price you can pick it up at my Cookie Jar location.  I don’t have the SLURL handy at the moment because I’m not actually IN world, it’s 7 am and I have other things that need to be done before I wade through the weekends offlines etc.  (( you know I took one day off…. just one…. and it seems like THAT is the day everyone needs me.  Most days are so quiet I don’t get a whole lot of IM’s but the ONE day……. ))


This set is currently at a very low 60L, after that who knows.

As far as other news, I really didn’t do any sales this past week.  I have been working on the store build, and trying to finish up a bigger project.  It’s been killin me, all the menus… the animations… the blood, sweat, and tears…. ok maybe not the blood, but tears maybe.  I really do despise scripting, or writing menus for a script though.  It looks AWESOME but the other parts is just dragging out….. soooo bad….

*clears her throat.*  Heh, see what happens when I write this early in the morning with no coffee?  No self control what so ever, it’s kind of an interesting thing don’t you think?

I have a few things cooking up and while you all are going through your Roawenwood withdrawals there’s some light here…. It’s half way through the month and unless I decide to continue to torment you, you have less than 2 weeks left!

The mini hunt for twisted (with 6 gifts) and my twisted hunt gifts are at the GMI location along with a hunt gift for the GGWH.  So there’s nifty goodness floating around.

Hope you had a great weekend and talk to you soon.


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