CoLab #54 – Masquerade!

The big sale is still going on through this week and I have some newsie type stuff to toss out there.  No I haven’t really done any new big product.  There are plans on the horizon, almost upon us and I don’t want to just yet.

That said…. I AM going to be putting out something pretty nice for CoLab this round.  The theme this time was Masquerade.  I adored the color scheme, the theme, everything about it.  I wasn’t sure what to do really but then it struck me something a little bit different.  Well…. I made a window.  Ok, yea sure I know.  A window, big whoop right?  Ohhh but you should SEE this window.

Beautiful mesh decorated window in white marble, stained glass with swans etched into the panels… sweeping plum colored drapes come down wrapping around the window offset with a golden rod.  At the base you will find gilded cherub topiary with fuchsia colored flowers.

CoLab Kit #54 from Roawenwood [Full Version]


Now… I know, it’s pretty but what does it DO?  This is one of the nice parts.  *nods nods*

There is going to be two versions…. the CoLab version which is very nice all by itself.  Included with the decorative window that you can place on just about any wall is options for couples.  CoLab version has one slow dance, and two couples cuddle type sets.  The FULL version will have 5 different couples dances, including 3 slow dances… 2 faster for flirting and fun along with 15 other couples sets.  Hugs, kisses, cuddles… all framed by this majestic looking window.  A wonderful prop or place to spend some time with someone.  It’s awesome.  I just love it.  Embedded animations using the NPose system actually.  It doesn’t rezz poseballs to use it and it is fully adjustable.  Ladies sit first.  The set is copy/modify/no transfer for the drapes and topiary, the window is copy/no transfer.

Available later this week when CoLab is released at my COOKIE JAR spot.  Due to some interesting quirkiness in September releases and newness is going to be filtered through my outlet locations.



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