Deferential Treatment & Relaxation along with some Weekend Sales!

One of my earliest things that I made was a foot bath…. it always was rather popular even when it was outdated and needed to be redone.  At one point I had made up a more rustic version because the earliest was fancier but I was of a mind that not everyplace was always so fancy.  The latest revamp and update to an older existing item is thus now complete.  The Rugged Foot Bath and Massage Bench, a bestseller that has been refurbished, rescripted, and totally redone with the same animation sets as the popular embroidered version.  With a more rustic appeal and with a few accessories it is a nice lower prim option for those wanting a bit of a rougher look.

It includes 9 couples animation sets from conversing together to kisses, soft moments, washing the feet, a foot rub and also a slave’s kiss… the girl kissing the feet of the one to whom she is serving whether it is in a Gorean atmosphere or elsewhere I do believe this item has a lot of possibilities.

For this week only it is going to be offered at a substantial discount as a re-introductory offer.  Priced in world (does not reflect Marketplace pricing) at 275L you can pick it up as a bargain at the main landing.  If you want this special pricing through the marketplace you might have to work for it a little bit. *winks*  Purchase the foot bath through the marketplace and leave a review.  Anyone doing so can then have the Rugged Foot Bath and Massage Bench sent to anyone of their choosing as a gift by dropping me an IM or notecard in world AFTER posting a review letting me know that they did.

The marketplace offer will run through the weekend until it hits 11:59 on July 29th and flips over to July 30th.  Any sales after that point on the marketplace will not be eligible.  This discount applies only to the Rugged version and not the Embroidered.

The other weekend sales goodness is the 60L weekend offers.  I’m going to be having out a couple items suited for tavern fare or home.   Guess I can leak out the news now and release the full 60L list later in world.

This weeks offerings are one of the shaded furred tavern dance stool, and the other is one of the lapserve cushions sets.

ONLY through the weekend on Saturday and Sunday.

Have a good one and take care!



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