This coming week

So much stuff been going on and I don’t always put it all on the blog.  All last week was the season of sin at Roawenwood where groupies were given a gift every day for the week.  It was a lot of fun with bondage, captive, and naughtiness that I think everyone had some fun with.  It saw the release of the Bondage and Captive Wheel, the Over the Barrel set and other new items over at Splinter’d.  I think that area has been severely neglected which will have to be remedied.

Other stuff that is going on now…. Well there’s a new camisk!  One of the gifts last week was this cute little number in green, but now all three colors are for sale along with a demo so you can try it out if you want.  It’s not a half bad looking thing I think, I thought it might be an interesting tidbit to wear as a bath girl maybe?  Or just to flaunt it if you want though I did include a thong for those a little less daring.  I’m sure it could be added to other outfits too.  Rigged mesh and moves with the body for the most part.  In Nutmeg, Sky Blue, and Green.  It’s on Marketplace already so you can check it out there if you like.

So what else is going on?  I did CoLab this round!  The theme was summer celebrations and I made up a set of beach chairs with refreshments and fireworks.  CoLab is cool because it is a group working from the same colors and/or theme to kind of match… sometimes, we all of course have our own styles.  It also is a great chance to get something great for a great price since nothing is ever more than 60L.  I like seeing what themes come out and the colors…. it’s a lot of fun for me, kind of like a little challenge each time one comes out.  I’ve missed the last few which I really did want to do… camping/fishing and pirates because of lack of time but this time I did it.  So at the landing there’s a nice little set done in blues that is only 60L for the round.  Then it will either be retired or the price increased to a normal one.  I’ve been considering adding a small room/display for CoLab kits that have been done so people can find them.  I have honestly had people ask about picking up old ones often enough.

This weekend I missed 60L sales but that is partly because I’m going on a small bit of vacation!  I’m going to be out of town and offline from tomorrow morning until Tues. (6/26), I doubt I’ll be around Tuesday but I will be ar

ound on and off the rest of the week.  Though I probably will not really be ‘available’ or working much until the 1st or 2nd.  It depends really on how the week goes but it is going to be a fly by the seat of my pants week.  Though I do have a couple other highlights.  I have something goin on for sale for Petites this weekend for the 45L event… and I reworked the Beating the Heat Refuge for the 50% off sale for the week.  It’s funny… I don’t mean to load up on graphics or different things… not realizing how much I did or put out this week.  Amazing eh?  Hope you have had a great week… and an awesome upcoming weekend!




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