Season of Sin

This weekend on Sunday the 7 Deadly Sins 30L Hunt started.  The concept for it is a little different than most hunts.  You have to pay 30L for the item being offered, however because of this they also have it set so that each merchant has to have a notecard in a special hint giver set out that has the item highlighted so you can decide if you want to take the time to hunt for it.

Of course this is a handy and reasonable thing to do.  I made up a couch based on Sloth as my sin.  Lounging around and all.  It’s not too bad really.  I have it out at the landing so ya’ll can actually see it too.

Not too bad for 30L.

That being said… I also decided to have expound on the already going event for the week and offer up Roawenwood’s Season of Sin.  A FULL week of sales, gifts for the groupies and whatever else strikes my fancy I suppose.

I started out by offering up a little bit of vanity for the groupies.  A free outfit that you can only get if you are a part of the Roawenwood in world group.  Latex… mhmmm, something a bit outside of what I usually do eh?  Yea well I’m not really as one dimensional as you might think, though that shouldn’t be a surprise by looking at my store… I mean really.  It has so many different things it isn’t even funny.  I likes me some latex so I played around with the outfit.  It is out for the Season of Sin but then after that it either won’t be at all or will be available only for sale.


The next day we got a little bit more wicked and went over a barrel.  I have soooooo many things that I have intended to do over the years or things that just didn’t come together and this was one of them until recently.  You’d be surprised really but this sweet little set has some really good stuff in it.  It’s a barrel on a stand, with 14 different couples animation sets and a threesome set in it too.  It is RLV enabled so you can capture and have some basic functions built right in.  Rustic looking, I worked a decent amount on the texturing I think to make it stand out pretty well.

Animation sets include spanking, flogging, paddling, sex, kiss, cuddle, aftercare, fondling and a few other fun surprises.  There is the full tricked out version if you want it which is copiable and modifiable.  It’s only 4 prims, comes with a 3 prim decorative accenting barrel for fun too.  Because I’m such a great gal and there is a group gift version.  Drawback to the group gift one?  Only one animation set (but it’s one of the good ones), and it has no real permissions.  no copy/no transfer/no modify.  Poses are embedded and you can adjust it through the menu or swap if you need to.  You get a taste…. though a very wicked taste.

This is over in the Splinter’d section.

So far that’s the Season of Sin at Roawenwood, but more is coming… I haven’t released anything yet today! lol




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