Roawenwood’s Festival of Sin

I’ve been dropping hints about this and sort of dangling it out there…. so here’s further teasing for ya’ll.

Remember around Christmas when I did the 12 days group event?  Well in February I had planned on doing the 7 sins as a group event… a week long set of things going on just for in world group members leading up to Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday however I got swamped and as things so happened… I didn’t get to.

I’ve been holding onto the idea waiting, aching, wanting to do it but never quite sure when I’d like to… well guess what?!  Perfect timing I must say but a hunt is coming up that is using the 7 sins for a week!  Oooohhhh, says I…. perfect!

So this June during the week of June 10th – the 17th at the same time as the 30L Seven Deadly Sins hunt I’m going to do my group event.  A week long hunt… a week of stuff…. like I did for the 12 days I’ll have a new sin every day of the week and hopefully a quirky little something to make your life interesting.  This will be an adult group event…. items being geared towards my adult section @ Splinter’d.


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