I’m doin the best I ever did…..

So!  Last night instead of working I went to see Godsmack and Staind.  So either I title the post, “it’s been awhile…” since whatever to be witty or…. “I’m doin the best I can…”  and finish it up with the “now go away” line.  *snickers*  Awesome show, very solid… and if you’re into screaming women one of the opening acts was named Halestorm and the lead singer has an amazing voice.  She can sing, honest to god actually sing in this generation of lip syncers as well as belt it out screaming.  They did real good live, I was rather impressed… haven’t heard any of their stuff prior to that.

I know, it’s been a hellishly crazy few weeks/months for me with fairs, expos and all sorts but it is all worth it.  The SL Home and Garden Expo is just about to kick off in a few days.  The proceeds of course benefit RFL, something that I hold close to my heart for various reasons.

Ya’ll going to have to come visit my spot!  I have new items exclusive to the expo as well as some builds I haven’t really tried before.  Even…. even an actual building type building or two.  *gasp, wheeze*  it’s been a challenge for me to build a little bit outside of my comfort zone but I think overall it is going to turn out ok.

Have a good one and more updates coming soon!


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