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I logged in this morning to a group message from the Fantasy Faire group and in it there was a challenge… a little heads up about something that gave me pause within the fair.  There’s a place called Refined Wild that creator Khyle Sion showcases some really awesome statues and sculpted items.  I love this place and have purchased a few things from it before.

As part of the fair Khyle has created an interactive display where you purchase a paper boat, add your own graphic to the sail and then they place it on a pond within their store.

Some instructions and things from the NC — Believe me there’s more in the NC explaining the idea behind the little boats.

~Refined Wild~ Relay For Life ~ 2012 ~ Khyle Sion’s Artistic Statement

Tiny paper boats
In a tiny paper sea
Under a shining paper moon
Is quite the sight to see
With their tiny paper sails
Riding little paper tides
And the tiny paper fishes nibble
As the paper night wind sighs

The gentle flicker
Gleam and glow
Upon a paper wave
Each tiny part
A paper heart
Of those we long to save
To love
To lift above
This tiny paper sea
Reflecting the paper heavens

Oh, what a sight, indeed…

– K. S.

:: ——- :: An Interactive Art Installation by Khyle Sion :: —— ::

:: ——- :: Featuring Motion Art by Meth Federal :: ——- ::

“Paper Boats in a Paper Sea” is a piece of interactive art created for the ~Refined Wild~ booth specifically for the 2012 Fantasy Faire.

It is an audience participation piece: In order for this artwork to reach its full potential, the audience must participate in building the piece itself.

In order to build “Paper Boats in a Paper Sea”, the audience must donate to the vendors to receive their participation item: A paper boat. There are two types of paper boat: A classical paper boat, and a paper boat with a candle.

The package you receive after you donate not only includes your chosen paper boat in all 3 colors as Souvenir Mod/Copy versions, it also includes ONE Mod/TRANS version of the boat, and a Notecard with a list of Instructions.

The Instructions will guide you through modifying a Paper Boat Texture (linked to you in the Instructions) to put on your Mod/Trans paper boat.

In customizing the texture, you are able to PERSONALIZE your paper boat with a MESSAGE.

In reading the NC there’s the sentiment that we don’t often slow down with all the chaos and that this display is meant to create an outlet to stop, slow down and listen for a few moments.

I made my boat….

To add your message or to see  this project go to ~Refined Wild~ on Nu Orne at the Fantasy Faire.


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