Weekend Updates

This week saw the release of the Fortune Tellers set, redone with new scripts and things…. which just happens to be the weekly half off offer that I am doing for the Simply the Best group.  I’ve always really liked that set anyhow.  The colors and all… now it is more functional with new animations for reading Tarot along with the crystal ball.

The latest and greatest CoLab kit has been released.  This round is one that I found to be quite a bit of fun, I wish I had more out for it really.  It’s all about knights and things.  Right up my alley of course.  I created a chair that is made of both sculpts and mesh.  Yes… Mesh.  I know there is a love/hate thing going on around the grid with it but I do have fun playing with it and see a lot of potential.  The chair I think could make an awesome throne for the adult side and may end up being that with some tweaks.  I haven’t decided though the chair itself has some normal type relaxing poses for both men and women.  It is for the duration of the round at a cool 60L, then it either will raise in price or be retired.  I’m leaning towards retirement or an overhaul into something a little different… not sure.  So if you like it… you should get it just in case.  Besides, who can resist 60L?

Along with that little piece of goodness I have the 60L weekend thing going, the rose arbor repacked and all with copy permissions, and then the gardener’s pull cart.  I figured with the spring time and all it might be of use to someone.  I’m considering doing a bit of spring time deco type things for the outdoor section.  A greenhouse and such.  I’d like to at least.  Doing gardening or outdoor things can feel very zen like.  A sort of way to relax while I build.  Building overall does relax me.  Gives me a creative outlet and it is one reason that there is always so much stuff at my place.  It’s been a little bit rough lately…. I’m actually trying to do the unthinkable.  That being slowing down some.  I have been near to burning myself out trying to keep up with deadlines for events, hunts, or other things that while are beneficial really keep me from doing some of the projects or things I really want to do with my store in trying to prepare for all of those.

I began to feel like all I was doing was deadlines and things for other people, for other peoples ideas, or other peoples projects.  In all honesty that has to stop.  I want to refocus my place and I am well onto doing just that with getting back to what I consider my roots.  Creating for me, creating with the same intensity that I felt… also, pulling myself up from the ‘race’.  The race that wears me down to the point of questioning “why am I doing this?”  I love to make things, see the pieces come together, imagine people using it or creating a scene with it.  It’s one of my favorite things, I am in my own way quite reclusive and a hermit but that is one way of expression that is always a titillation.  So as far as up and coming product?  I’m getting a little more intent…. a little more of, ‘what can I do with this to make it even better, what can I do with this to make it really something to catch the imagination.’  I think I will always end up releasing and working on a lot of different projects but in the end I’m working towards a goal that I hope will reap benefits for not only myself but for you guys.

I don’t want to compromise anymore and I’m well on my way of working towards that goal as well.

I’m also, *inserts a gasp here* working on getting my place into a position where I can sort of stop working and have a ‘normal’ sort of thing going.  You know, not feel like I’m trying to constantly play catch up… maybe be able to spend time with people rather than just prims.  It’s a lot to ask for of course but it is something that I’m hoping for. *laughs*  I’m actually well on my way to that one too… been spending a lot more time offline, going back to the gym, hockey games, and all sorts of other things.  It feels good.  In fact, have you guys seen the latest Star Wars MMORPG? (Star Wars: The Old Republic) I’ve been hanging out in there some too, have a pretty bad ass Imperial Agent going, sniper chick.  She’s a lot of fun to play.  The game is quite immersive, quests given have actual conversation movie play where you interact not just a pop up box with a bunch of text.  Impressive if you’re into that sort of thing.  Graphically it looks good too.  Anyhow…. now that I’ve rambled on a bit and ya’ll have seen into what I think a bit… I’ll let you go and desist from my prattling.  Have a great weekend and talk to you soon.


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