Lots of Goodies and Sales

Way back when I first first first started puttering around with clothes I had a set that has been pretty much retired for awhile now. Recently someone sent me a nc asking me if I still had them, pleading because they couldn’t find them anymore and wanted them. I was surprised really. Had thought they were forgotten so I put them on and looked at them tilting my head from one side to the other going… “hmm, these aren’t half bad I wonder what I’d do with them if I played around a little.” SO!! The silks that were once called Suadela have been revived and redone. They look a bit different though using the same fabrics that I had used ages ago and some of the other elements. Includes: Skirts, belly bands, sculpted wrap top, armbands and earrings have been added. Release of 5 colors for sale:  Red, Violet, Purple, Salmon and Burnt

Ok, as if ALL of THAT wasn’t enough.  There is NEW NEW NEW lucky chair and mini mania prizes to be had!

I haven’t decided if I am going to put these for sale, but I have whipped together two OTHER colors for the Suadela silks and placed them in the Lucky Chairs!


Another item, another update.  This one majorly because it needed it to an extent (scripts), but I also added MORE animations into it to make it even BETTER!  The rose arbor is a long favorite… the Lovers Rose Arbor is an awesome way to have a lovely garden space for two to spend some time together.

21 different couples animations sets including Slow Dances, a couple faster couples dances, and an array of kissing, cuddly, loving sets.  There are 4 different rose colors available, from the traditional deep red, to a more Gothic darker look.


·!¦[·      UP & COMING STORE HAPPENINS       ·]¦!·

So… now only what’s going on in general around the store.  It’s the END of the month!  Means you have about a week to sign up for the monthly drawing of 2000L store credit and 2000L prize.

*cries!!!*  Twisted Hunt is going to be coming to a close.  Mini hunt, souvenirs and all the like are going to be swept clean soon.  The Medieval Hunt, STEAM and Cookie Jar hunts will also be finishing up on the 31st.

BUT!!  On the first we have some newness…. The Black Egg cracks open a week for a 30L style hunt, prizes are to be a bit better quality, kind of like a shopping circle of merchants.

So what else…… I’m not sure actually.  I know I have tons coming up with faires and things over the next coming months.  Hope ya’ll are having a great week, talk to you soon!


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