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If you’ve been a regular of Roawenwood and were around this weekend you saw some pretty major changes going on as things started disappearing from the sim and then out of no where poof…. you end up landing somewhere in the sky amongst the clouds and within a bit of a dream realm.  Roawenwood has been overhauled and updated.  HUGE HUGE update.  Some items have been mercilessly retired, and everything has been rebuilt hopefully making it easier to get around.  With this build some MAJOR AWESOME updates that I’ll babble about below but first things first.

·!¦[·       SIMPLY THE BEST WEEKLY DISCOUNT       ·]¦!·

This week for half off is the Livia gown collection.  ALL 9 colors are marked down by half price at the landing and will be through Thursday or so when something new is put out.

·!¦[·      NEWNESS IN THE STORE!!!        ·]¦!·

I’m sooooo excited to be offering up some awesomeness for you.  I’ve gone and done it, most of my place has been put into a system so now you can gift items to your lovers and friends with ease as well as many other great options.


EVERYTIME you purchase something at the main store or the adult store if it is boxed and in a vendor you now can earn back store credit that you can then use to purchase other products.     Whenever you make a purchase it will let you know how much you have on your account and what tier level you are on.  Three tier levels, Bronze, Silver and Gold earning you back up to 10% back on each purchase!

❤  100L’s OR LESS!!


Off of the clothing section towards the back there’s a little dip down and I have dubbed this area, the pit.  TONS of little things in there marked down substantially from where they were, and NOTHING over 100L at the moment.  I’m flirting with the idea of adding a few furniture pieces but right now it is mainly clothing and accessories.  Use the TP system to get there or wander round the back of clothing to find it!

Know what else?!  You can still earn store credit rewards even on discount items!


FINALLY I’ve gotten a little bit more up to date and ANYTHING that is sold now that has a copy permission can now be redelivered from a terminal without having to contact me.  This doesn’t account for things sold before the system was implemented but we’re getting there.  Redelivery terminals can be found at the main landing, clothing, and one at the new Splinter’d Location.   (ignore the purple sign hehe that’s the hunt hint thingie)


Just wanted to make a quick mention of them.  Each networks with the next so you can hop around the store easier!  Plus it does take you to some places that you can’t find otherwise *winks*

·!¦[·      HUNTS, HAPPENINS, & STUFF        ·]¦!·

TWISTED HUNT is coming March 1st!! I’m gonna have gacha, hunts, stuff… we’ll see.

The Gorean Grid Wide Hunt started this past weekend on the 18th.  I have a nice gift out for ya’ll to find.  Remember I keep things like this around the landing.

Tainted Love Hunt is still going till the end of the month.

March 1st the STEAM hunt also starts, along with a spring festival at the Cookie Jar, PLUS a Medieval hunt is starting.  It should be fun.  Lots coming up and to look forward to.

Hope you have an awesome week, and a great Monday.


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