The 12 Days of Christmas

I’m a wee bit behind on the blog else there would have been lots of posts on this.

Every year I toss around the idea of doing the 12 Days in the more traditional style of the days after Christmas rather than leading up to.  Well this year I bit the bullet and decided at the last minute to go ahead and just do it!

Most everyday (I’ve run late a time or two, actually to be completely honest I have not put out yesterdays gift yet lol) there has been a new gift and a marked down item from the store.  I’ve twisted it around, been a smart ass a time or two or just blatantly decided to play along with different parodies to create something of my own 12 days of Christmas.

Day 1 I was looking over the list and realizing that there was a hell of a lot of birds in this song.  If I do this again I’m going to have to account for it.  Gift for day one was a whole pear tree set with chores and all.

Day 2 Two Turtlenecks!  I grew up listening to a parody ( and the second day was two turtlenecks.  So an outfit we had… a saucy thing with skirts, and a naughty top.

Day 3 I went back to the normal version but twisted mine around.  The Three Hens Sewing Circle was the gift.  A furniture set for three women to sit, gossip or generally bitch about life.  The grumpy anim is just classic, I added an expression to it so you get a real fun little thing.  Very nice set.  I adore it and intend totally to have it available somehow after the event.

Day 4 I made you breakfast.  Breakfast tray for one going back to Bob and Doug, 4lbs of bacon, and the day before for them was french toast so why not.  I like this tray too to be honest.  Can read in bed, eat a couple different foods… rezzes and derezzes props.

Day 5 Golden Rings!  Redone anysia silks with brand new jewelry.  Seriously liking these too, body drapes and all.  Mhmmm, spoilin ya’ll

Day 6 See we’re back to birds, and I realized with the geese-a-layin and all that my butchers accessories didn’t have any poultry. Hmmm, well we can’t have that so we redid the butchers sets and the work table was todays gift.

Day 7 Swans-a-Swimming in a lovely foresty pond for your garden.

Day 8 Maids-a-Milking.  Ummmmmm I got naughty here, she ain’t milkin no cows in this one! 0.o

And now we’re getting to where I’m at…. I have to put out 9 ladies and 10 leapers.  Yanno, I’m strugglin with the leapin lords.  *scratches her head*

All gifts are for in world group members only but placed around the tree down at the landing all pretty like.


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