·!¦[·      COOKIE JAR LINDEN HOMES CHALLENGE!!        ·]¦!·

This past month I was approached and asked if I wanted to see if I could design and furnish a set of furniture for valentines day AND stay within the prim limits that would be used in the Linden Homes.  A whole house, 117 prims.  Three designers per house, so that means my room…. 39 Prims.  *winces* Ouch.

Wow, really?  39 prims, me?  For a WHOLE room?  I’m such a prim whore too.  Do you have ANY idea how much strugglin there was with this one?   Details, eye candy, immersion… I just love it and no offense, a big boxy empty room… This was a tough one but we DID it!  My group decided to try to do a rather romantic French country inspired look using blacks & whites with reds and pinks as accents.  My contribution is a full set that can be bought in pieces or as a set.  Priced inexpensively in general because it is meant for Linden Homes and people on a limited budget.  The fireplace really needs to be seen in world, it looks SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much better than the pictures.

Granted AFTER completing the display I added an accent or two in the packages, but because a lot are 1 prim or two you can pick/choose which to use to stay within your prim limits.  The full display is HERE >>The Cookie Jar Linden Homes Display <<  at the Cookie Jar sim where you can see ALL of the displays that each team did along with the other members I worked with.  It was a lot of fun!

Furniture is on display also at my landing.


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