Madison Den Set & CoLab #34

This time of year always has me thinking about curling up with a good book and fireplaces so that got me to making up a set that has an appeal for different types of spaces. Could be great for den, library, scribery or even just as a quiet spot in your house.  Three pieces that can be bought either individually or as a set.  I did this in some really nice tones, rich burgundy type fabric for the cushions, shaded and highlighted for depth then the pillows in warm browns and greens.  It really is a nice set that I think can appeal to just about anyone really.  The wood is slightly distressed but not too much so it looks inviting but not too shabby.  Really I love how it turned out, it looks like a nice place to curl up, while away the hours or hide from a hectic day.  It can be purchased piece by piece or as a set.  When purchased as a set you’ll also get a bonus rug and harvest decor that you can perch upon the front of the fireplace.  All pieces are copy/modify so it really is a great deal and a wonderful set.

|I{•——» FOR 24 HOURS ONLY «——•}I|

The entire Madison Den Set is marked down 50%.  I have a special countdown vendor with it set up, thing is… see…. I have the whole set discounted already when you buy it instead of buying them individually by 25%, THEN I knocked THAT price down to about a 50% off so really you’re getting quite the deal.


Yay!!  A new CoLab kit for everyone to have some fun with.  CoLab is a group of content creators who make either full permission or end user content that is kept at a low introductory price of no more than 60L for two weeks.  This round I have an offering of course.  I did actually have something else in mind but it didn’t quite work out.  Last round I had that awesome harp… I’m going to rework that and offer it up redone because I wanted it to be something of a limited offer.  I have lots coming up of course over the next weeks too so we’ll see.  If you want this rounds CoLab kit take a trip down.


Have you seen it?!  Roawenwood Acres is the next area that has gotten a face lift.  It’s still a wee bit under construction, displays aren’t quite finished but if you want to take a peek you can see the new build…. I’m going to be placing some items there in vendors like @ Splinter’d very soon so you get store credit and all there too.  The Christmas and Winter decor has begun to creep out and will be added to during the next few weeks.  I hope you all enjoy!

Other news?  Hunts, Hunts, and Events ALL over the place.  Next week I’m part of the 25L Black Tues. event, next weekend I’m doing a Black Friday sales event at my Cookie Jar spot, and I’ll probably be doing another round of 60L weekends.  This weekend I’ll be doing 60L weekend too so I’ll be sending out that notice on Saturday or so.  This Saturday the Traditional Christmas Hunt starts and there will be a giftie for everyone interested.  See, busy busy busy.  I’m SWAMPED!  *laughs*

Have a great rest of your week, and take care.


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