Earn 2500L in Store Credit

An opportunity for you…. I need a scripter.  I don’t generally look for this sort of thing making due with what I can find or do for myself however for something specific I wish to accomplish I need someone who is reliable, and can script something for me that allows me to have copy/transfer permissions at least so I can include it in a product. (I WILL NOT sell anything full permission ever, permissions would be redone to copy/no transfer or no copy/transfer always).  Here’s where I figured I could put my feelers out there… ya’ll listen to me ramble and someone out there must know someone.

The rundown:
╚»╚»  Sear needs a scripter.
╚»╚»  You find and/or know a scripter who is looking for work.  I need copy/transfer permissions at least so it can be used in a product.
╚»╚»  Ideally they contact me
╚»╚»  If they can do what I need, they get hired, they _complete_ the work to MY satisfaction and are paid/compensated for their work as agreed
╚»╚»  You (the person who referred them) receive as a thank you and finders fee 2500L store credit to be used at any of the stores in the Roawenwood Store group (Splinter’d, Roawenwood, Roawenwood Acres)

In other words, I’m not handing out 2500L worth of stuff just for a name.  The work has to be done and completed before anyone gets that.  Just covering my backside.  *winks*


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