Brand new face for Splinter’d

I have been reworking the store and doing a lot of maintence type stuff that has been making me a little crazy.  In general this has made it tough to put out new things but since I’m making things better than ever which will free up more of my time to do even bigger and better stuff.

You know one thing about large stores, it always feels like you’re trying to figure out what works for the layout.  I think people are getting kind of lost right now.  It’s not a bad build, though I think it will work better with some moving around.  Splinter’d though looks a whole lot cleaner, and better.  Easier to wander and find things.  I think it turned out really great and I didn’t even really have a plan going into it except it needed something.  I started with a building, modified it and voila…. you have what is there now.  I actually am quite pleased with it, and surprised that it turned out half way decent to be honest.

In celebration I am having a sale!!  See while I rebuilt it I ALSO put things into vendors.  I have hesitated doing this for YEARS partly because of the lag that vendors can cause.  These shouldn’t be too much of a problem and I get to have MORE fun with ya’ll because of what the vendor system lets me do.

One of the many benefits is gift card system, being able to send as a gift, and now a customer rewards program.  When you spend cash, you can earn to get some back.  I think that’s awesome.  A little extra bit of fun and it just tends to give the warm fuzzies when you get to come back, get a little extra something because you’ve earned it.

Now through or until Halloween everything in vendors over on the Splinter’d sim is discounted 25%.  I even have a couple new things out too.

So now that Splinter’d is getting settled in better I’ll be fluttering around the main sim and the landscaping sim getting them settled.  While I’m at it I’ll be migrating things into vendors.  This way the customer rewards and extras can go for those areas too.  I hope you are having a great week and I’ll write again soon.


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