Twisted Teasers

This week I’m not doing much of a big update… I’m really really busy.

You want to know one reason why I’m so busy?!  *nearly bounces out of her chair, tries to contain herself*  THE TWISTED HUNT IS COMING!!!  *breathes in through the nose then exhales slowly, grins*  I just simply ADORE this hunt, I have so much fun with it… and guess what?!  I’m one of the sponsors again.  Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee…….

Twisted Hunt starts on September 1st.  The theme this time is “Unseelie”, and I’m already having some fun with it.  I’m working on some awesome gifts, a mini hunt, sales, souvenirs the whole nine-yards…. I think I’m going to see about adding something to the end game too.  Over 300 vendors applied for it this time around though they have capped it at just over 200.  I was floored.  The organizers felt terrible having to turn away folks as it is but had to think of the hunters… more than that is just too big and too hard.

Anyhow!!!  I just can’t resist…. I wanted to give a lil twisted teaser for ya’ll.

·!¦[·      NEW GROUP GIFT        ·]¦!·

This past week I had a long time customer make a request.  It really isn’t anything that major but asked for an icebox type thing that matches the Manor House set in the kitchens area.  Eh, why not… I refuse though to call it a chilla or whatever it is.  *grins*  It’s an icebox!

Now this isn’t that big of an item really, an accessory really so I figured why not.  I’m going to give it to my groupies as a thanks for hanging in there with me.  So group members of the in world group “The Roawenwood” can come down and find it in the Kitchen/Bakery building.  Wear your group tag and click the box on the wall to receive it in a folder.

╚»╚»    It’s in the Kitchen & Baked goods building    «╝«╝

There is also the CoLab kit out for this round… it was a Southwest type theme, I end up reworking my one loom which really was a variant from the Navajo weaving looms anyhow.  It looks really good, very rustic in its own sense with some added accessories.  It is available right now for a limited time for 60L while the round is going.  It will run through this next Thursday I believe so if you want one you have to come get.  After that I will be adding it to the chores section at a normal type price.

That’s it for now.  Talk to you soon.


One comment on “Twisted Teasers

  1. treasure goldlust

    Bouncing? Boy is that an understatement. Bouncing with a bit of giggling mixed in. I’ve been hanging around Roawenwood a little bit lately and have plenty of interactions with Sear. Sometimes dragged off to help her try out an animation for some of the fine works she does and sometimes just sitting around and hassling her in IM.

    It simply amazes me the things she does and how things come together as she is putting the finishing touches on a product. Every now and again, I’m allowed to sneak up on her and see just what is going to be put out or maybe give my thoughts on how its going at some point. I can’t think of a time that I have ever said anything negative. It truly takes an artist to put out the kind of works Sear is putting out. The time and dedication she puts in to each and every object from the first prim to the last is amazing.

    I have known a few builders here and there but I have never really met any that put so much thought in to their customers as she does. The quality that is painstakingly placed to each bit of merchandise to the freebies and hunts she offers. Than there are fund raisers and this and that and this and that. It never stops and neither does she. It’s been such a pleasure to enjoy every moment spent. Thanks for all you do!

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