Scrubbing the Laundry

This past week there was a major update to my laundry and chore line.  This was some of the very first things I had worked on all that time ago.  Scrubbing laundry, and hanging it out to dry.  They all needed some updating, and with the passage of time some of my thoughts on chores or role-play accessories of course have shifted.  Like the knitting and sewing sets I end up making some ‘packs’.  Where you get more than one option or some extra little accessories to add to the scene.  I have made them all copy/modify/no transfer.  I mean really… one thing I do know is that people have to make their money stretch a little bit more than they used to so I am trying to take that into account, if you spend your hard earned lindens then you should be able to enjoy them hmm?  This also alleviates some issues like loss of inventory since we all have had that at least once, and making up back ups or creating a larger scene.

The major part of this release is like a Gorean or Medieval Laundromat!!  It’s such a neat fun idea isn’t it?  A communal laundry.  *laughs* Ok, maybe not -the- most fun but I know that people do like to rp in groups, and this opens up a new thing for people to explore.  Can be a laundress, the cranky washerwoman… or just have a spot in the town where people can work together, gossiping and sharing the days news.  That was the idea anyhow.

The Washerwoman’s Laundry Shed; has washboards for three people to do their laundry in the basin and also includes accessories to go with… a couple of rugs, laundry baskets, a hidin spot, wadded up clothes and some seating crates.  The crates have 5 embedded animations for lounging or taking a break.  Since all of it is copiable you can change it around or make it how you want to look.  The shed breaks away from the mold a little bit from my other sheds being done mainly in stone, I wanted something a little different, this felt nice… solid and sort of homey in a way.

Now if you are looking at the display in world you’ll see a couple things tucked inside the shed.  Made up a new ironing table, and something new… folding clothes!  You know I really despise folding clothes in real life… Desperately so and I hesitated to add that kind of torture to Second Life but I figured someone might enjoy the rp.  So there’s that… buy the full set with the shed, folding clothes, and the ironing table in world for a discount.

The rest of the main release this week is the revamping of previously released laundry sets.  I redid the Hanging Laundry chores lowering the prim count, retexturing and shading the sets and making them copy/mod like the rest… the other big thing is I have combined the single clothesline and the double clothesline into one pack so you can pick or choose which one you want to use without spending a ton of extra money.  The double line has room for two to work, while the single is well…. singular.

There are two sets of Laundry Scrubbing sets.  The first is a revamp of the long time favorite and the other is a set that includes BOTH standing and kneeling laundry chores.  I think I did it this way because well, when I was building it it looked cool together… and I thought it would be another way to give you more bang for your buck.  Along with being able to have more options.  I think it works out.  I’ve added in some laundry baskets, rugs, that sort of thing to help add a bit more to it too.

I also revamped the kneeling ironing chore… This one is always a little tricky to get right for some reason but I think I did.  You know it’s funny… I totally am sitting here scratching my head wondering what the hell I was thinking.  I mean really, that’s an awful lot of laundry gear.  LOL!  But then again I suppose it works out, everyone has their own idea of how they want this sort of thing and hopefully I’ve been able to come up with a few options.  People like options.

As I phase out old chores either redoing them or just changing their permissions things will be replaced or retired.  So I don’t burn myself out on them I’ve been doing them in stages so far.

·!¦[·    JULY PICKS CONTEST WINNER!!    ·]¦!·

Hey guys I didn’t forget!!   The winner for the month of July is:  Fae Alter  CONGRATS!!

To play along and win a chance each month for 2000L and a 2000L store credit all you have to do is come down, click the lil sign… and put Roawenwood in your picks.  Leave it in there and then just wait.  At the end of each month a name is randomly chosen and then the list is wiped clean… starting all over again.

There are a lot of hunts and things going on along with the CoLab kit that I have out for the Tea Party theme.  CoLab kits are fun because you get a great deal on something because nothing is ever priced higher than 60L during the two week round they are a part of.

I’m going to cut this right about here because you know I can get too wordy… take care and talk soon.


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