Romps and Sales!

·!¦[·      REZZ DAY ROMP       ·]¦!·

Did you know that today June 30th is my rezz day?  Five whole years, a half of a decade *winces* of memories, experiences and weirdness here in Second Life.  I just couldn’t not find some way to commemorate this small but significant moment within my SL.  I’m going to share in the celebration and we’re going to have a romp around the sim.

Five (5) Rezz Day Cakes have been perched and placed around the Five Blades sim.  None are on the sims next door, I wasn’t that mean this time.  Five things for you to hunt for and have some fun with.  I’m hoping that everyone enjoys.  Example cake and info sign at the landing.  The Rezz Day Romp will run June 30th through sometime July 3rd when I decide to clean up the crumbs.


WOW, geez this is getting long.  Ya’ll are going to end up missing bits and pieces so I’m probably going to end up leaving a little note over the weekend.  Ok, first off.

╚»╚» L.O.W. SALE:  «╝«╝

The rules have changed and the L.O.W. Sales are going to only be three days BUT this weekend because of the fourth it is going to be 4 days.  I’m attaching the list for ya’ll to peruse of the participating merchants but remember the bulk of these are NOT FOR SALE UNTIL MIDNIGHT TONIGHT.

Mine are out for sale already at the landing near the L.O.W. Kiosk because I won’t be here at midnight.  I’ve put three things out for sale including:  The furred lap serve pillows, all four colors of the Andromeda outfit, and then the new Gardeners Pull Cart

╚»╚»  LUCKY CHAIR NEWNESS!!!  «╝«╝

Since I put out a new outfit I threw together a color for the lucky chair too… a very pretty soft sage type color of the Simplicity Silks, kind of fitting since I did up the physicians outpost this week… which is a lot of green! lol  Enjoy.  Don’t forget that the fairy set is in there AND I added a special color of  Tatyana that won’t be for sale in the store.

I’m in the Midsummer Nights Dream 2 hunt, and the Naughty Toys Hunt at the moment… along with the CAW hunt for life, some really nice things in there too…. like wow, I got a lot of stuff out there huh.  lol


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