Roawenwood Updates

Sooooooooo much has been happening around my place.  Events, sales, and new releases.  The notecard for this week by itself was HUGE.  I’m shocked really that people read as much as they did.

So I’m going to try to go over some of the latest and greatest without being too drawn out but I’m not sure if I can *laughs*

·!¦[·       SWEET SIMPLICITY – NEW OUTFIT      ·]¦!·

I got into the creative spirit and decided to work on a very simple silk type outfit.  Semi-transparent crop top, and skirts float around the girl giving her a feminine appeal without going over the top.  None too ragged they can be worn whenever, accented with an included belly jewel… I just love showing off the belly.  Available in three colors:  Rose, Golden, and Blue along with a special Sage color in the lucky chairs.

·!¦[·       PHYSICIANS OUTPOST       ·]¦!·

For AGES folks have been asking me if I would ever consider doing some physician or healer type things.  I didn’t get around to it but then very recently I was asked again if I’d consider making up a small shed or shack thing to go along with the rest that has become something of a line without it meaning to become one.  I started with the bakers things and it just…. boom, kept going.  Now we have another one!  A Physicians Outpost!  Rather rugged, a small building outfitted and accessorized.

Created a whole new build with shack, desk, examination table, recovery cot… accessories, wash basin.  It all looks really great together and is set up at the moment near the landing.

·!¦[·       TO MARKET, TO MARKET  – PULL CARTS FOR YOUR RP        ·]¦!·

Ever want to role-play out going or coming from the market?  Have a garden but wanted to bring along your tools?  Well I decided to start a new line of pull carts so you can enhance your role-play.  Each one works like an AO with walking and standing animations so you just wear it from your inventory.  Each comes with filled and empty versions of the cart.

╚»╚» CHALLENGE!!! «╝«╝

I’m going to give those few who actually read this far down an opportunity.  I am wanting to create a few different types of this sort of thing, and I have plans for other variations however… I can’t __always__ come up with everything, I get tired… yanno?  Anyhow… Here’s the challenge:

Send me a notecard with your ideas for what might make up a good something to be pulling around in a cart (name it something like… Challenge; Pull Cart) and if I use the idea then you will get a set for  — FREE!!! —

·!¦[·      ROAWENWOOD ACRES        ·]¦!·

I finally got the landscaping, outdoor and seasonal area around a little bit better.  At the very least, well enough that I’m willing to mention it.  It will go through final tweaks and things will be added but if you are curious you can take a quick look.  I’m going to be placing outdoor furniture and things over here along with plants as I make them.

I’ll put sale info in a new post.


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