Gorfest & RFL

This past weekend Gorfest opened up.  It’s a week or so of activities and has a merchant fair.  I’ve gone and done it again being a part of it with a tent set up all pretty like.  I gave it a sort of a tavernish sort of feel using some product from the store to try to give it a nice setting.

As part of trying to help raise money for the Relay for Life I have two items that aren’t available at the store over there.  One an outfit… a pretty purple colored set based off of the Simplicity silks that I released a lil while ago and then a cute pull wagon.  The wagon is set for the gardener.  Lil pots, tools, dirt and flowers decorate the wagon that you can pull behind you.  It uses an AO with a walk and a stand so you can have some extra fun with your accessories.

Both are only available through RFL vendors and at Gorfest till the 17th, then after that I dunno, I’ll have to make up my mind what to do with them.  It really is for a great cause so I hope ya’ll take a quick jaunt down to see things or to participate.

I’ve heard they’re doing some jail and bail events, auctions, different things… so go!

In other news?  I have some newness coming out this week and a special themed item specially for Merfolk going to be on sale this Thursday at a horrifically low price as part of a new group I decided to give a go.  I’ll talk more about that later.  My lunch is here!!

Take care!


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