Brands, Mermaids, & More Hunts?

Things have been crazy don’t you think.  Lots going on and all.  This weeks releases are some good ones I think, something a little different too.

·!¦[·       BRANDING LOG, & ACCESSORIES       ·]¦!·

Every so often I get an inquiry asking me if I ever have considered making branding equipment or if I have some.  In general the question has been answered, “yes I really want to but I just can’t seem to get it right.”  Well recently I fiddled with the idea again and have something for you.  I’m considering it an addition to the blacksmithing supplies in a way so I kept it within theme of that set.  I may do a more standard rack type or something but this could be used in various places I think.

It includes the log to bind the girl to that gives ropes to wear, a set of 6 different prim brands for decoration, the brazier, and the greenery that is pictured at the base.  Unlinked so you can pick -n- choose what you want to use where.


This is a new project that I decided to become a part of.  Every two weeks a theme is given to a group of creators.  Some create full permission kits, and some create user content which all sort of work together in collaberation.  I am creating consumer kits.  This rounds theme was Mermaid Tales.  

Things sold during these rounds are always priced between 20L and 60L!

Soooo merfolk rejoice I have a little something for this round.  It just so happens too that someone awhile back did ask me if I would do some mermaid related items.  I have intentions of adding to the line and making up a few things in the near future to go with it.  So that should be a bit of fun hmm?

·!¦[·      HUNTS, GIFTS, AND EXTRA FUN     ·]¦!·

Gorfest is still going till the 17th and my tent is down there. And there’s the hunt that goes with it, I have three coins out at my place with gifts in them for it.

The Three Moons Hunt started this week.  A Gorean themed hunt  though the things I put in my gift can be used by folks who like to RP in other places too.  On the blog for the hunt it will probably have a picture of one of the items in there but because I don’t like giving away what’s in a hunt prize I also added a second that WON’T be listed on the blog.  So neener, need to come down to see what it is.
The Midsummer Nights Dream hunt is still going till the 28th, July 22nd I’m going to be a part of a hunt that looks like it might be a little different.  More of a puzzle to be solved.  I’m curious to see how it goes.  I’m supposed to have two things for that.

That’s about it for now… hope you had a good week and talk to you soon.


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