*Drops a Pin*

It’s awful quiet on this blog lately isn’t it?  Almost afraid to raise my voice above a whisper.

I have been doing my releases on Wednesdays in world, but haven’t been updating this bugger as much as I probably should.

Whole new lines of fishing items, and there was a Father’s Day fun thing…. *sighs*  I’m slackin.  I should be punished.

*hangs her head*

I’ll make sure to update this when I do my next latest and greatest or just feel like rambling.  It’s been really busy in real life lately….

This past weekend I did an RFL walk at the high school near where I live.  I did a late night shift with my team, from midnight until 6am… so I’m still kind of feeling like I haven’t caught up on my sleep.  Of course I was too stubborn to rest beforehand, so for about 48 hrs I didn’t sleep *laughs!*

I’ll catch up with ya’ll soon, thanks for hangin in there.


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