Spinning, mending, and knitting & a trade in special

Last week I didn’t do much of an update.  I had released the huge tavern set the week before and well I guess we all need to take breathers on occasion.  This week I intend to make up for it a little bit.

I’ve been making chores since before I can remember really… a big part of my place, and a lot of fun for me to create.  Doesn’t seem like it would be does it?  I guess I like accessorizing and doing little things that make a scene really intricate.  Obviously I guess and I don’t like half assing it so every once in awhile an old favorite or one that I just am not particularly happy with gets an overhaul or redone.  This week I basically took 6 different chores and combined them into two… then I went ahead and redid the spinning wheel.

The spinning wheel I revamped the scripting making it so it turns on and off when you sit or stand up.   I like that trick.  Yanno… this is going to sound funny but it’s always bugged me whenever I used a script where you had to click on or off and then it’s left on…. spinning, and spinning, and spinning…. *coughs* ya, so well now that won’t happen.  I also got my grubby lil hands on a new animation.  It’s much smoother, and realistic looking.  I changed out a couple of the sculpts (wheel looks much better), and I also redid some of the texturing so it is shaded better.  More up to standard with my current releases than it was prior.

After that I tackled the other ones… the sewing and knitting stuff.  See… these were all done separate.  There was a rustic knitting stool, a sewing stool, a sewing pillow, a knitting pillow. a sewing and knitting pillow etc etc.  Part of the reason was because I released them as I obtained the appropriate animation.  Didn’t have all of them when I started…. the sewing stool is one of my first chores, and I added as I went.  Also well… I dunno, I guess I got real focused on making all of them have their own little look.  Granted they’re along the same lines so I thought about it… why not combine them?  Save on prims, give extra things to do, make it worth the money.  So the sitting ones are now appropriately in a stool… the kneeling or sitting in a set of pillows.  Each now have knitting, sewing, and needlepoint animations as well as a few sits for relaxations sake so you don’t ONLY have to do work while setting there… just if you’re of a mind to.  In each set when you choose the appropriate animation it will give you the props that you need to role play or enjoy your time spent.

I didn’t stop there of course… you know me, never quite happy without the details.  Balls of yarn, rugs, and a couple different sewing/knitting baskets have been put in with each set so you can accessorize (or not) to your hearts content.  Granted having ALL of the lil accessories out gets prim heavy BUT the stool and pillows are only 4 prims so you can go big or stay itty bitty since I keep all of them separate for you.

ALL of the updated and replaced chores are now at the very least copy/no transfer.  The spinning wheel is copy/mod/no transfer.  I was thinking about it and while I know that things have changed a little… we have to make our lindens stretch a little differently, as well as inventory loss crap on occasion.  This might help alleviate some of that.  ALSO it makes it so if there IS an inventory issue I can just replace it!  No problem!  Weeeeeeeee.

When I do updates like this sometimes I do a trade in special.  Let ya’ll find the old versions moldering around in your inventory, trading them in for the newer versions.  Which in some instances is a really sweet deal.  Details for this are available through the update list…. so if you’re a part of that you should have all the info’s you need in the notecard you got yesterday.  If you’re not…. awww, why aren’t ya?  I’m good for it, honest!  Regardless, past notecards can be obtained after joining the list by making a lil trip down there.  Course, I -do- have to remember to give it to my in world store group too.

So there you have it, a few new things to tempt, taunt, or otherwise titillate.

I have some other rather interesting new things coming up soon.

Take care and till next time.


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