Spankin Splinter’d Fun

This past week I did a pretty good sized release over at the Splinter’d section of the store.  Ahem… you know the naughty adult side.  Mhmmm, some really awesome pieces and figured I’d highlight them quick before things got left behind.  I have lots of things I’m going to be having on the blog this week if I can keep up the good work so don’t miss out!


A week or two ago I was approached and asked if I could work my magic to create something I hadn’t really thought about doing before.  A lavish, lush, opulently bedecked slave kennel.  A large cage for the large house or estate that has silks, satins, rich rugs and furs draped throughout.  Well… why not.  A challenge of sorts to see what I could come up with.  The result looks pretty good.  @ Splinter’d displayed in the courtyard at the base of the ramp.

Has to be seen really, the depth of coloring is really nice. Deco items are kept unlinked from the main structure so you can rezz or derezz what you wish to save on prims or add on.  Pillows etc are mod so you can add animations or whatever you want.  The main couches have animations, along with animations in the kennel furs for two.  Technically with the way it is set in display there is room for 4 to sit at once.

·!¦[·    BACK TO SCHOOL!    ·]¦!·

I know it is technically getting close to the end of the school year for most folks, but I’m in denial so I’m sending ya’ll back.  I like to think of myself as the purveyor of fantasy goods and what a fantasy I can conjure if I decide to.  Technically this is another requested item… I was approached because they just couldn’t find what they wanted and who am I to deny such a devious frame of mind?  This is definitely a naughty set… meant to be fun.  ONLY @ Splinter’d and on display.   Fair warning… these pieces are for a modern environment and not the usual rustic type things that I make up.  I like to be a versatile kinda gal.  There’s quite a few pieces to the set.  I’m only going to attach the pic for the full set but if you travel down you can see each piece up close and personal with details.

The teacher’s desk could be used in different areas, just don’t use the globe heh.  Each piece has unique animations or sets so that even if you get the whole set you really won’t have the same static stuff creating a well rounded role play environment.  The student desk has single desk type anims along with some naughty couples fun.  Each one carefully selected to give you the very best I could come up with .  Spanks, discipline, some bondage… aftercare, sweet cuddles, sex…. you want it and it’s probably in there somewhere.  If you’re looking for a school type set you HAVE to come look at this.

Each is copy/modify/no transfer so you can have lots of fun, or bigger classes!


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