Roman Inspiration – the Livia Gown

The Livia gown is a Roman inspired dress that has a whole lot of options to wear.  I created it with some very deep dark colors, along with a few lighter shades. Each gown has the option to be worn with either a cropped top or a full length one that covers up all that belly.  Shoulder drapes or a sash that wears like a cloak almost.  When I was trying to make up the posters I really had a tough time.  Between the gloves and then the arm wraps… the two different tops, the drapes, and all of that when you start to mix and match you begin to realize how versatile it could be.  Formal or a little less formal depending on what accessories you wear.

When I began putting it together I started seeing other outfits using some of this as a base so I might very well be creating ohhhh one or two more things.  I can see some silks… maybe some harem pants?  I think I might also flirt around with an idea that I have seen tossed out there.  There’s a person or two who’s said that creators constantly create full outfits and they’d like to see some separates offered so they can choose colors or different ways to wear it, spending their lindens in that way.  With this outfit it has me thinking a little… about maybe offering some of it like that.  I’m not sure but I might try it.  We’ll see.

There’s 8 colors for sale; Black & Silver, Black & Gold, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Red, White & Gold….  the lucky chair at the moment has a version of the white with silver trim… but only the cropped top, not the full one or the extra shoulder sash. If you’re a groupie a very special limited edition color that won’t be for sale ever was sent out today.  Only groupies can get that one… I’m trying to make the group something ya’ll find useful 😉

I hope everyone is having a great weekend…. and I’ll talk to you soon!


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