RFL and Roawenwood

I’ll probably write more later… I’m really tired at the moment, and I know I haven’t been keeping up with blogging lately.  Real life has been really tiring lately and I think to an extent I was in one of those spots where I opened it and then did the……. eh, I’ll do this later.  LOL  Am sure ya’ll can identify with that one.

But I HAD to take a minute to stop tonight and post about RFL and the Fantasy Faire.

Tonight I reached out and asked for help from my groupies and anyone else who was wandering by to reach into their pockets… share their lindens for a good cause.  I did one of those Jail and Bail events.  Basically I was locked up in a cage for an hour, vowing to match any donations up to 50K Lindens.  People came down, kept me company… wandered… and I hope had some fun.

It was a great event and I’m humbled truly.

For that hour we raised for RFL a whopping 75,000L.

Ya’ll are great and it is truly appreciated.


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