Opened up and ready to go….

Meant to get something written up here but yanno I have a lot… like TONS going on and haven’t had a chance to.

I re-opened the sim with a whole new build.  I’ve been considering having a photo contest… either like I did last March where a person does their own photo with something from the store or maybe even seeing what kind of pic’s people can take in and around the sims.  There’s some real pretty spots and it’d almost be interesting to see what people could come up with.

Anyhow… I added some new stuff to the lucky chairs.  Three outfits and a funky pair of shoes.  One is Mardi Gras themed using the colors gold, green and purple.  The other ones are just green…. more for St. Patty’s really.  Also released a scribe’s desk, and a podium for furniture pieces then released the wrapped and netted tops.

This next week is going to be a bit crazy… Twisted Hunt starts!!  Weeeeeeeee, this should be fun.  I’m pondering how to hide my lil box once I get it.  I’ve been considering a bunch of decoys twirling and swirling around the landing point…. I’ve considered building a little something with boxes so ya’ll have to find it in and amongst them.

Of course there is also a mini hunt coming up.  I’ve put out a special area in the new build where the mini hunt is going to be during the Twisted hunt.  Hopefully it all comes together and everyone has some fun.

Have a great weekend and take care!


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