Rockers, discounts, and lots of rambling

Last week on the in world subscribe list I had a long long notecard…. Like usual really, I tend to babble on which I always try to keep a lid on but it happens anyhow.  First off I’m going to highlight the Letter of the Week discount.  This past weekend through the 24th of January the L.O.W. thing is being run a little bit differently… it’s a Merchant’s Choice round, we got to pick what we felt like putting out there rather than a letter being selected.  Sooooooo I went ahead and marked down two things.  An outfit, and a bed.  BIG discounts for them both.  The silks are one of my most popular sellers… The Flutterbee silks, softer colors, lots of jewels and tons of wear options.  All sorts of things included with them…. marked down from their normal price of 650L to 250L.

The bed is the Engraved Burlwood bed, it has 40 something couples sets from naughty to nice.  Marked down from 2650L to 795L.  Seriously…. this is a good time if you want it.

In other news…..


The idea of a cozy fireplace, front porch or warm parlor comes to mind with this piece.  I love rocking chairs and have wanted to make up one that suited me moreso than the ones I had hanging about the store.  Richly textured with a plush cushion and a blanket hanging along the back.  Comes in either a shabby white, or wood grain with a couple options for texture change in the cushion and blanket.

The rocker includes 7 different animations.  Not poses but animations that have a unique feel to them, four different sits… then also knitting, needlepoint, and a drinking tea animation.  Props for the ones needed are given to you as you change the pose so you don’t have to do anything except wear them from your inventory.  A knitting/sewing basket is also included for decoration.

The tea tray/table is a little thing I put together because it seemed to suit the one chair so well.  In the same shabby white type coloring and accessorized it gives a teacup or cake to eat on click.

·!¦[·    HARNESSED – NEW OUTFIT    ·]¦!·

Harnessed is a real simple thing, strap running from the neck straight down with a strap across the hips.  Included within the outfit is the ‘laced’ version and the plain version with the rivets along the edge.  A sculpted waist skirt/sash rounds it out with a set of pasties tossed in there to help cover you up.

Available in 4 colors: Black, Red, Blue Satin, and Pink Sorbet.

NEW ITEMS IN THE LUCKY CHAIRS:  Well, sort of.  We’re calling this round the Grab Bag round!  You know all those different items that I put together as limited edition items?  Well…. because I’m in the middle of having an actual new item or two for the chairs I’ve decided to resurrect some of the past limited items and throw em in there.  There’s 12 different things in the chairs right now.  None of them have ever been for sale in the store.

NEW MINI MANIA STUFF:   In the main store I replaced the mini mania stuff… one has a pair of flats, the other has a pair of the soft hide boots.  There’s a twist, I’m being included in the Lucky Tribe Kookie thing to give Kudos Kookies so they are also in there.

I new hunt started on Saturday… the “There’s No Place Like Home” Hunt… an invitation only hunt for home and garden type products.  Has some nice places participating too!

Splinter’d has gotten a face lift… all redone even though it still needs to be tweaked.  There be pirates over yonder on the other sim.  Actually I think it’s kind of a fun build… I’m going to have some fun stuff for there in the near future too.


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