Nighttime sniffles begone!

The past few weeks I’ve been up and down trying to keep up…. one thing about families, they always seem to share the things you DON’T want them to, like…. the flu….. or….. head colds.  It’s great fun isn’t it?  Well with the time of year, sniffles and sneezing seeming to be just about everywhere… so why not?

I’ve put together two different sick beds!  These would be fabulous in home or infirmary I would suppose.  Single sized beds with 10 different singles sick day animations from sleeping to sniffling & sneezing to eating in bed with a tray…. It also has besides all of those for your role play three different couples animation sets.  One backrub where the ill one is on their belly, friend or whomever sitting on the edge of the bed rubbing their back…. a spooning cuddle set, and another back rub animation lying next to each other.

Each bed also has low lag texture change script for the coverlet.  The Timberland has 17 different quilts, fur/leather, and stitched blankets to choose from.

The Carriage House bed has 11 different quilts or blankets to choose from.  The stitched leather just didn’t seem to fit this one.  Think I babbled enough, look at the pics for info & take a peek.

There’s been other things going on around the store… the Gorean Grid Hunt has wrapped up… the No Place Like Home Hunt is still going strong.  I’ve been putting in some other hunts that I’m going to be doing in the future… keep your eyes peeled for announcements and things.

Anndddddddddddddd guess what?!  I’m going to be in the 25L round tomorrow.  Weeeeeeeeee.

Going to wrap this up for now, take care and talk to you soon.


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