New year, new ideas…

Hi hi.  I know I haven’t written yet this year and I should have.  Things of course during the holiday weeks were crazy.  I think I spent more time offline than on.  The last new thing I released was the outdoor shower, which I think is really cool but time of the year… hehe most things are winter related so I don’t expect a whole lot are really that interested in a shower for the outdoors.  Brrr….

I have some things I’m working on but really the big thing that has me bouncing right out of my chair is that I finally redid the spot over at the Gorean Merchant Isles.  I rent and have properties all over the place trying different things.  Well I’ve had a spot at what used to be Hunter’s Cove, and is now just called the Gorean Merchant Isles for a long long time.  I picked up a little bit extra land and ripped out the build to start over.

I’m absolutely loving the feel of it.  It’s really so very me.  The cutest and down to earth little buildings.  It has me rather inspired.  I’ve been tempted to pitch a lil tent along the back corner under some of the pines but I haven’t.  I’m thinking of possibly doing something over there.  I didn’t get a weekly special this week because of real life stuff…. though the Gorean Grid Hunt is supposed to start at midnight tonite so I’ll be sending out a notice of a sort anyhow due to that.

I guess we’ll see what I come up with.  Just saying a little hi… talk to ya’ll soon.


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