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If you’re like me you use the Marketplace as a place to do shopping, searching, and finding things without having to traipse all over the main grid.  Since the teen grid is being merged into the main grid there are going to be some changes to how things are done of course.  The marketplace is getting some major things done this week so I’m going to post a quick lil helper for anyone who wanders past because even though LL SAID they sent out an email to all merchants with listings I know they didn’t…. why?  Well because I didn’t get it and had to find it for myself.  This is going to effect everyone including shoppers.

One noted change is that Gor/Gorean are considered a mature word and unless you click the little box on the page that says you want to look at mature items you won’t get anything back that has that used as a keyword… including things as simple as a Gorean vegetable garden.  I know, I know…. it’s not mature or adult but we roll with it and adapt.

Marketplaces changes blog post:

Copy of the email:

Important Maturity Changes in SL Marketplace

As you know, the Teen Grid officially closed last Friday, January 21st and teens are now allowed to join the main Second Life Grid. To ensure that the Marketplace is safe for all Residents, we’ve rolled out some changes to the Marketplace to better align the maturity settings in Marketplace with the rest of Second Life.

Recommended Actions to Listings from 1/27 – 2/1 Today, Thursday, January 27th, the Marketplace has begun to use the same maturity ratings that are used in Viewer and inworld — General, Moderate, and Adult. Your listings have been automatically updated with new maturity ratings, based on keywords and other algorithms. Note that this automated update is currently a work in progress. If you’re unable to find one or more of your listings in search or have additional questions, read the Marketplace/ Sellers FAQ.

Please follow these steps to ensure that your listings have been accurately rated:

* Review New Listing Guidelines: Use these guidelines to update the maturity level on listings that may be incorrectly ranked.
* Adjust Maturity Ranking of Items by 2/1: Use the new maturity level selector, on your Manage Inventory page, to adjust the maturity rating of each item. Please complete any necessary ranking adjustments, by Tuesday, February 1st.
* Refrain from Flagging Items Until 2/1: As a courtesy to your fellow Merchants, please do not flag other Merchants’ items until February 1st, giving them a chance to update their own listings.

Before the end of February, the Marketplace will be updated to allow setting maturity level preferences at a more granular level than is currently supported, such as allowing Residents to view moderate content without adult content included.

Thank you for helping us support the migration of teens into Second Life and if you should have any additional questions, please see this forum post.

Brooke Linden
Sr. Product Manager, Marketplace

Andddddddddd a link to the marketplace guidelines for General, Moderate, Adult and Banned items:

Have fun, good luck, and now I’m grumbling as I sift through the task of going through my listings again.

Personally I think this is the time when LL -really REALLY- should release their list of words that are flagged, my rug beating chore is labeled as adult… while my beating the furs chore is not, basically the exact same ad.  It boggles the mind.  Take care!


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