Way too long

It’s been way too long since I updated this.  So much going on in and around the store.  I’m a part of a few hunts… the Peace on Earth hunt, Candy Cane 2, and the Present/Coal hunt.  Next week there’s another hunt starting anddddddddddd I’m a part of Twisted Krissmuss.

All of these events are fun for me to do.  Twisted Krissmuss is a little different than a hunt though, it’s a group of vendors who have all decided to help create affordable gifts and holiday items.  Each vendor agrees to make new items and mark them for only 100L.  The items have to be of the same level of quality of their other merchandise as well.  From what I’ve heard there’s over 200 merchants involved this year which makes for one hell of a shopping circuit!

The couple of things I have out so far (this goes through the end of the month) is Mr. Chilly and a really sweet fireplace that has 3 different couples sets in it to cuddle up during the holidays.

I made up this huge fireplace for larger rooms and liked it but I almost think I like this one a bit better.  So into the display it goes, and only 100L through the event or until I get devious and change it out maybe.  I do want to add more items to the kiosk I think, at least one more.  Of course that could always change, I get caught up or busy a lot so it can be difficult to get things done or remember.  *laughs* 

I’m working on getting more holiday gear out, along with the inevitable snowfall that happens on my sims while we’re in the midst of some of the winter months.  I don’t make ya’ll deal with winter for as long as I do in real life… but it’s good for ya.  End up craving hot chocolate and warm fireplaces.  hehe  There has been A LOT of new things filtering in.  Holiday trees (REALLY do like these this year), decorations, snow man building and tons.  It’s not like I ever do anything half way to begin with it seems like.  I’m not sure why that happens except that I just don’t like to sit still a whole lot.  Lately I’ve been working on the clothing or accessories a bit more too.  Recently released some flats, along with some really cute socks and fingerless gloves.  They seem to be liked well enough… I also released a set of soft leather patched boots.  They’re decent I think, my purpose was to have something a little different and usable by people who need something other than a formal shoe. There’s something like 9 different kinds, I think…. I can’t quite remember but there’s a lot!

So I’ve babbled on into a post, I have another post that I’m setting aside because I just released a kirtle today which deserves its own lil space!


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