Isolda Wintery Silks and More

Towards the end of last week I released the kirtle/dress outfit called Ilsa…. this week you’re going to get to meet Isolda.

Done in 4 color combinations, 3 of them a regular sale type item and the fourth is going to be a part of the Twisted Krissmuss stuff I have out.  Softer, flowing, on the delicate side and wintery these come with a bra top, panties, chest dangle, armbands, bracelets, skirts, and a tattoo to wind down over the left side of the body.

I whipped together the cutest little thing.  Now a lot of people have their own versions of something like this so you can’t blame me right??  It’s just so cute though!

Santa’s lil Helper, complete with boots and backpack stuffed full of everything you need!  Grandma’s cookies recipe book, tree, ornaments, and the cutest lil guy sitting on top among other things.  Take a peek!  This one is marked at only 100L as part of the Twisted Krissmuss event.

HUNTS!!  The POE hunt is still going, along with the other two that I’m in (Candy Cane 2, and the Present/Coal) BUT a new one started just today!!

The Gothmas by Gaslight Hunt, so there’s a silver bell hanging around my store just waiting for you to find it if you feel so inclined to try your hand at it.  I almost feel naked, only have one hunt coming up in January.  Put in apps to a couple around Feb but not sure if I’ve got any scheduled.  Hmm, suppose if I don’t then I -could- always maybe plan on doing a hunt here at the sim just for Roawenwood.  Think that is a good idea?

As part of the holiday season I’m also leaving a small gift for all of you.  A Yule log for those inclined to pick one up…. I was doing the Wheel of the Year hunts but I don’t think they did one for Yule, that doesn’t mean I didn’t feel like leaving a gift.  It’s down near the Twisted Krissmuss display at the base of the one tree.

I’ve been getting a lot done and will have more this weekend I think.  Till then!


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