Ilsa Kirtle and Special 50% off

I TOLD you I had another post to do… another set of things to tempt you with.  I am kind of weird about posts getting too long or jumping all over the place within the same one when I have new things. I was going to wait to release this… you know do the normal release dates, and all the way I usually do but I just couldn’t wait.  I’m weak, terrible… can’t help myself when I get excited.  It just bubbles over and poof… all over the place.  Just HAD to do it. Sooooooooooooo today I released the Ilsa Kirtle set.

It can be worn in different ways… The set includes: Fur trimmed top, banded top, skirts, waist belts, wrist bands, furred panties and a pair of boots.  Simple, can be worn everyday and great coloring, flowing skirts… The top has fur trim from the shoulders sweeping under the bust, it can be worn modestly with included banded top or bare breasted.  That was one thing that I wanted, you see awhile back I had a few different girls ask if I could make a kirtle or something that bared the breasts.  Some of them liked the option, and while I didn’t get right on it I kept the thought in the back of my mind.  The option is always fun but I added the modesty layer so more people could wear it than just a few.  I think that’s a good way to go about things.

There are 6 different colors; Bisque, Black, Crimson, Chocolate, Navy and Winterberry…  and right now… this very minute, the kirtle set is available at a 50% discount through or until the 13th.  I even have the listings on the Marketplace marked down 50% so you can give as a gift, or not have to travel to the sim.  It’s something a little extra I thought I would do this go round.

So enjoy!  Hope you like.


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