Customer awesomeness and the Holidays

You know I love giving back to my groupies, customers, doing things.  I like taking the time to listen, I like creating and being able to take ideas people have then making for them what they saw… for the most part with very positive results.

I love doing the hunts, and the fun events.  Love doing my discounts.  It isn’t just about the making of the money it is the give and take.  The creative process, the meeting good folks and I know today I’m being all sappy but I just had to because I had one of those “moments” that I adore so much being a shop owner in SL.

Someone came to me leaving me a message while I was on a very long phone call asking if they could maybe have a modify version of the little toy train I made for holiday decorating.  It is a cute little thing… *digs through to find a picture*  Ahh, there it is…. *uploads and attaches*  It’s cuter in world.

Anyhow, they wanted to be able to use it on their sim as part of their holiday display but wanted it bigger.  I’m one of those sorts where if you ask I’ll probably go ahead and give you a modify version.  Sometimes I don’t have time and sometimes I don’t want to change it.   Sometimes it is just as simple as asking, you never know.  This was a quick, tick tick of a couple check boxes… no big deal but I got so much back from just doing that lil bit of something for someone.

The obvious excitement and happiness that end up showing through the brief communication between us was palpable.  I got to sit back, smiling at my screen the warm fuzzies of the holiday spirit all wrapped up around me with really something so simple and they were off to go decorate their home… excited, happy, and bright eyed exclaiming how I had made their day.

These are the things I really enjoy about owning a store in SL… and one reason why I do what I do.


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