We’re just abuzzin over here!

So much going on like usual.  Sometimes headed in one direction then it’s like… “oh shiny” something else gets my attention or grabs it, sometimes something I want to get into… sometimes not but I’m having fun in general so it’s all good.

Writing to do a few updates, later on I’m going to pick the monthly contest winner for October and announce the Nov. contest.  This month I’m upping the prize I think… just for this month.  It’s Roawenwood’s 4th anniversary so we’re going to make it a lil more than usual.  Can you believe it?  Seriously… I’ve been plunking away, creating, and meeting interesting people for the last four years!  Wow!  Sometimes just thinking about it… hard to believe.  So then I wonder, hmmm just what would people really like to see go on?  What brand new or old favorite would captivate the crowd and folks who frequent Roawenwood.  I’m not entirely sure, so I’m still thinking about it!  Anyone have some ideas drop me a NC, and mention you saw me talking about it on the blog and I’ll give you a 500L gift certificate… give me a few ideas and you never know what might happen.

I have some exciting news!  I got into the Peace on Earth Grid Hunt this year.  It could be fun I think.  Also have a couple other hunts going on but mainly in December.  I had so many in October that I’m kinda sorta taking a breather through November.  Partly to make the things for December’s hunts, and keep up with normal store stuff.  I was teetering there on a bit of a burn out recently which I’m still recovering from… don’t want to push too hard else I might sort of fade for a bit.  I don’t really like those moods so I try to pay attention to them when they hit.

What else…. let’s see.

Well I did mention we were buzzin so that leads me to talk to you about last weeks release.  I had a customer come to me asking if I had any beekeeper supplies.  I had to admit I didn’t, and also admitted it was something I had considered doing but never got around to.  So we talked for awhile and of course then I just had to see what I could come up with for it.  I tend to take some of those types of conversations as a ‘challenge’ to myself.  So I poked around some, learned a little bit about beekeeping… you know it is quite fascinating really, almost made me want to try to raise a few honeybees… if I didn’t have family who was allergic I’d probably give it a go or consider it.  *laughs*  Anyhow… I created a set and broke it up in three pieces.  You can get it as a whole at a discounted price, or just the one or two pieces that you really want.  I do realize that not everyone wants a big set.. maybe just some hives, or something.  The one part is a set of Beekeepers Accessories.  There’s a set of shelves, pots, crates, honey jars that sort of thing and then a stool with a working animation.  When you click the stool you receive a honeycomb frame and a capping scratcher.  A capping scratcher is a funky little tool used by beekeepers to poke through the wax caps that bees put over the honey when it is in the honeycomb.  Sitting on the stool you begin working, wear the frame and the scratcher… you’re all set.

Another part of the set is the Hives and Bee Skeps… the most basic of needs are met with this part.  There’s two sets of skeps in cabinets.  The doors work on the cabinets, and there are particle bees buzzing around them.  The main difference between the two cabinets is that the one has a working animation in it.  Bee smoking, click the skeps get a smoker to wear and then right click to sit… you’ll work the smoker back and forth.  There’s also a more conventional and recognizable square bee hive with a top that hinges upwards on a click… a couple of honeycomb frames leaning on the side.  Included there is another Bee Smoker but this one is an avatar attachment, it is wearable and you can move around with it and still have the bee smoking animation.

The final piece is a Honey Extractor.  This was the part that took the most time really as I worked with an animator to try to get something that was ‘workable’.  The extractor has a crank handle… jump on and you begin to turn the crank while the gears and frames within the barrel actually turn and in general work as an extractor would.  It’s really quite fun I think adding an extra element of reality or fun to your role play if you feel like having it.

So that’s the set!  Like always I’ve embedded what animations I could so there isn’t a lot of poseballs (I have to admit that the extractor does use a poseball so it all works together), and textured it with fine detailing customizing some of them for this piece specifically.  You can see it in world, and at the moment it is at the landing point though it will be moved into the chore/work area.

Going to wrap up this post because I think it is getting a bit long.  Will write again soon with contest winners and the like!

Have a great Monday!


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