The Butcher, the Baker and the Blacksmith

This week there’s a nice big update.  A couple weeks ago or so a customer came to me and said they had this idea for a firebrick oven.  I’ve heard of them and had honestly thought about creating one but one for the kitchen more than anything.  Smaller.  Hadn’t considered making a larger one but when I started looking into it and from their ideas I read about how communities used to at times have these large brick ovens.  People would come and bring their dough taking turns baking within it.  I just was tickled by the idea… so I decided to go ahead and try to build an oven.

I will admit, I had a hard time at first.  Couldn’t get what I wanted out of my head and into the prims…. but I kept at it and pop, there it went, it started to come together.  The good thing, I simply adore these.  I got a little involved in making them and getting everything just right… and then when I was almost done with the bakers stuff I was all excited because… what if I decided to take the basic shed and design I’ve been using and expand on it.  Butcher and blacksmith were the next two to roll around in my workshop.  Things I’ve been meaning to rework or do anyhow but hadn’t gotten around to.  Well when the mood strikes that’s when you take advantage!

So this week I released them all!

✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ BUTCHER:  The butchers set has a shed with a small smokehouse type thing along the back.  Included with the shed is an animated butchers table, fires, hanging lantern, shed, and an extra set of barrels with meat lying across the top.   The bench can be purchased separately from the shed too which can be nice if you don’t want the whole thing.

✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ BAKER:  One more basic version, the oven with a bread making animation, placing the bread in and out of the oven.  It comes with a couple accessories for your scene.  Looky looky:

The REALLY nice one is the shed.  I like this one a lot.  It has the brick oven, PLUS it is accessorized AND you can go all the way through the makings of your bread or baked good.  Animations included: washing hands, mixing dough, kneeding, rolling dough, baking it and then sweeping up afterwards.  Animations needing props will automatically give you what you need to wear and you’re set!

✔ ✔ ✔ ✔  BLACKSMITH:  The last release for now is the blacksmith.  Of course I couldn’t skimp on this either so it is being released in three pieces.  The actual Blacksmith Shed that handily goes along with the rest of the sheds though it is the biggest of the three.  Accessories are included, see the picture attached.   A blacksmith of course needs his anvil, and for good measure a grinding stone.  The anvil has a relaxing animation at the base of the stump… then set to do your blacksmithing in two ways… one with a sword, then one with tongs and a horseshoe.  I figured this would be less limiting so those in different kinds of rp can still use it.  The grind stone turns when you sit and stops on its own when you get up, click it to receive a sword to work with and wear it.

Now the scary part is… I still have a few pieces working up in my shop that I am going to be adding to this, so there should be at least one larger thing and maybe a few smaller to round it out.  I think it is turning out nicely really.  The Haunted Forest hunt is coming to a close after this weekend and then Roawenwood isn’t in a hunt until Dec.  I have quite a few going on though so you won’t miss it at all.  I updated and added a twisted candy cane hanging cage over at Splinter’d in the mini mania… If you don’t want to try to win it, you can purchase it… I set it out easy to find.  Hard to miss really. lol

Have a great weekend and talk to you soon.


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