Secret Sale! New Baby Furniture and Updated Slave Beds

Yesterday and today have been rather hellacious for me in SL, tp’s been messing up, rolling restarts causing havoc… all sorts of lovely fun that we call our second life.  Yay right?

In the midst of all of this I did get a few things done… so here we go!


This week and through the weekend I’m extending a sale to all of you lovely folks and anyone you tell.  Now you know my place is pretty freekin big.  I can’t likely go and re-price everything… and well, for those who want to take advantage they can, for other people well… sshh, I won’t tell if you don’t.

Until 11/7  (That’s three whole days — Nov. 4th, 5th, and 6th until the clock turns over at midnight to the 7th) any transactions made at my main store on the Five Blades sim, or the one next door on the Sear sim @ Splinter’d can get a whopping 50% refund.  ANY item…. No matter the sticker price, I’ll give you 50% off.  How many can you get at 50% off?

Well…. now….. I suppose this kind of thing doesn’t come around very often… 4 yrs is a really long time… ok, I’ll do it!  You can have 50% refunds on any number of purchases.  I won’t put a strict limit on it, but only for the next few days and hopefully for your sake I won’t regain my senses before then.     There are a few guidelines however.


✔  Make your purchases.
✔  Make me a copy of your transaction history/record from the SL website on a notecard.
✔  Send the notecard to me named something along the lines of:  Really? Seriously? 4yr. Secret Sale/(avatar name here) 7/4/10
✔  MAKE SURE YOU RENAME IT!  Anything named New Notecard tends to get discarded or lost and you don’t want that do you?  I cannot be responsible for mis-titled nc’s being lost.

I’ll get all refunds back to people as soon as I am able barring problems with SL, internet and you know the drill.  Generally within 24 hours.

|I{•——»   Refunds cannot be mixed or used with Gift Certificates or other store credit.   «——•}I|


I had a few customer requests this week… one of them I wasn’t able to get to because of all the SL issues I’ve been umm, enjoying… over the last few days unfortunately but this one I was able to.  I enjoy at times giving back to or working with folks, I can’t always do what someone hopes for but there are times I try.

I was approached about an addon for the nursery set I made awhile back… a playpen.  Nothing fancy, in fact since it is part of this set it is decidely not fancy however I said I would and so… I have but of course I didn’t _just_ do a playpen, I made a couple other things as additions.

One is a highchair… embedded within the high chair are two different animations so you can care for you little one.  A feeding animation, and a burping the baby animation.  Right click and sit to use… when you choose the feeding anim a bowl and spoon are given to you that you can wear.  �

The other addition is a second crib, a different version… the other is a small little thing, this one is a ‘normal’ sized crib but I went ahead and added some goodness to it.  Embedded with a menu and adjustable positioning there are two couples cuddle sets so you can dote over the crib and enhance your role-play as a proud mama or papa. 

·!¦[·      UPDATED SLAVE BEDS, MM BOARDS & MINI MANIA @  Splinter’d   ·]¦!·

I have a lot going on that will be put out in here but this week I did an update.  The slave beds that I did… I was looking at them and realized they had some tired old animations in them that I had used before…. well NO LONGER!  I have some -BRAND NEW- stuff that I like a lot better, they’re in the slave house from last week too… but NOW the slave beds have not 7 but 13 different animations in there!  Crying, begging, shy, pouting, waiting around, kneeling, other different kneels and opportunity for role-play or just hanging around.

MM BOARD has been put up and another MINI MANIA board too, so now there’s two of those.  I plan on adding other things to the MM board as I get to it so they cycle through giving different prizes.

Remember this stuff is @ the Splinter’d section next door.

As far as other news…. a lot of the hunts I was a part of ended except for the Haunted Forest one, I have a few in December.  This month I’m focusing on ya’ll and my place catching up some I hope.  I’ll probably switch out the other boards, lucky chairs and what have you through the month as well.

I hope you are having an awesome week, take care and talk to you soon!

— Sear


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