Quiet Intimacy

Recently a little bird snuck up on me and whispered in my ear…. she was quite convincing, one of those types that you just tilted your head listening while they talked… so, while I was pondering the thoughts that were running rampant around in my brain (like usual) the idea blossomed.

Last week we released the blacksmith and butcher, bakers ovens alongside… quite a bit of work, men heaving heavy hammers and working around the forge… sweat pouring down over their brow and at the end of the day making their way home ready to relax.

Not everyone has the luxury of a full bath, and not everyone even wants one but still likes to have that intimate service performed for them, and what could be more intimate than a nice lengthy sponge bath.  Hence the latest release down here at Roawenwood…

Roughly hewn wood, a bucket with cloth and towel beneath.  The bench has 3 couples sets included in it.  One bathing animation that runs over the chest, along the legs, up along the inner thighs….. mhmm, it’s a good one.  Then two more sets, one sitting at the feet… the other sitting at the feet but a little bit closer, nestled up against Masters knee.  This is a nice addition I think.  See pic for more info and to get an idea.


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