I’m feelin pretty good right about now!

Hello hello!  I know I haven’t been posting on here as much as I should be… I should be punished.  *snickers* Don’t be getting too many ideas, hehehe.  I have been getting things around and better organized.  This for me is a huge plus.  I got the blog updated too… I know you can’t see it but I blew it up almost losing everything but I fixed it!  And we’re all back to normal.

Today is Tuesday, I have a lot going on at the store still… quite a few hunts though at the end of this month I am going to be woefully short.  Haven’t really found any that caught my attention for this holiday season except one or two.  I have an application in for the Peace on Earth hunt which I would love to get into but I am a realist.  I probably won’t.  I wonder if I’ll get one of those polite “we’re sorry” type notices or just kind of not hear from them.  I’ve checked the participating merchants thing a few times but haven’t seen me so I don’t even know if they’ve come by to check my place out.

Anyhow… I’ve had a lot going on, I may do another post after this one to highlight the one just so it has its own space.  Wednesday I’ll probably be back with more stuff, and something fun I hope.

I’m almost considering running a contest.  Logo type thing… or magazine ad.  I need a new ad for a magazine.  Hmmm…. I wonder if anyone would be interested in that.

Till later!


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