Brand New Places to Explore! Roawenwood Expands & Branches Out!

Ahhh I always did like to have a little bit of breathing room.  Space… bright open sky.  Well in an effort to meet the varied needs of my customer base I have done a little bit of rearranging and expanding.

·!¦[·    SPLINTER’D :.: ROAWENWOOD ADULT    ·]¦!·

I know as a store owner the sim ratings system has always been a bit of a bother.  Do I rate myself adult or mature?  I can sell certain kinds of things as long as it is worded just right or carefully calculated.  BUT a large part of my inventory is not adult rated.  This can somewhat hinder the creative process…. sometimes something that I really think would be fun to make (generally something a bit twisted hehe) I hesitate due to the limitations on the ratings and/or offending some fine folks who come into my place of business whom may or may not believe I am bending the rules.

In the spirit of fairness, and responsibility as a store owner (ya I know right, I said that with a straight face) and a few thoughts in mind (i.e. preparation for teens joining the grid or whatever else LL likes to throw at us) I’ve put a section of my store on an adult rated parcel.

Henceforth cages, bondage related items, and things of that sort are going to be placed within an area I’m calling… “Splinter’d”   Catchy huh?  Get it?  *snickers*  It’s splintered off of the Roawenwood… ya ok, I’ll shush… Catch a ride to check it out here.

Which brings me to the second bit of news:

·!¦[·   Roawenwood [PG]    ·]¦!·

Some folks like to have a different kind of shopping experience, and in general while this is a limited inventory I have included the chore lines, and will add more content as I go.  Trying to appeal to different people and be available on varied platforms I’ve opened up a smaller Roawenwood branch on a PG parcel.  Roawenwood PG [SLURL]

I’ll be promoting and probably having MM boards or the like over here too… so you never know, keep your eyes peeled.

That’s about it for now, will write again soon!


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